InSite To Web offers the following products and services

E-Commerce Websites

Are you thinking about opening on online store? E-Commerce are my specialty. You decide the products you want to sell and I'll help you get your store up and running. I'll help you find the right shopping cart, setup the credit cart processing and setup shipping. My current favorite shopping cart is 3D Cart. This cart has a monthly subscription fee, but includes many benefits that make it a great value.

Start your online store in 60 seconds

Custom Websites

I will built a website to your specifications.

Stock Images

I am a real stickler when it comes to the images I use on your website. I do not accept images from unknown sources. That is why I obtain stock images from reliable sources such as Deposit Photos

Template-Based Websites

I often use professional templates from Template Monster. The templates are fully customizable. They often come with sophisticated features that would be expensive to develop from scratch. Think of it as using stock plans for a house that you then modify for your needs. This website was built using a Template Monster template. You can get a fabulous result at a fraction of the cost.



Web Hosting

I use Siteground as my hosting provider. Although not mandatory, I prefer my clients to purchase their hosting services from me. I am better able to monitor their account for renewals and modifications.

Web Hosting

URL Registration

Your URL does not have to be registered with the same company where the site is hosted. You can point multiple URL's to one website. You can own a URL and "park" it (not use it). When I am discussing a new website with a client, I encourage then to choose a URL and we go ahead and register it. 

Keeping a URL registration up to date is very important. If you let your URL expire the name goes in to limbo for a period of time (more than 30 days). Some companies will give you a grace period to get your URL back, but they often charge a high fee (>$100). After a period of time the name may become generally available and you get reregister it at a normal price. Sometime companies that resell URL's register recently expired names and sell it to the highest bidder.


Credit Card processing on websites

There are multiple things to consider before setting up credit card processing on a website. I will review the option with you and pick the one that is right for your business.

Cloud backup plans

 I resell for Carbonite. It is important to have a reliable, passive, offsite way to keep your computer files backed up. I use Carbonite and you should too.

Individual device plans (mobile phone backup included with plan)

Multiple device plans

Link to Carbonite

Database mining

Do you need to retreive information from a large text (CSV), Excel or database file? I can help with that.


Do you need help learning a piece of software and learning how to maintain your own website? I am very patient and can work one-on-one or via the phone to help you. I also encourage you to look at the library of video tutorials. The tutorials include Microsoft and Adobe software products, business concepts, photography, etc. Try 10 days for free. Subcribe for as little as 1-month for $25. I subscribe to Lynda as part of my professional continuing education. online training tutorials

eNewsletter training

Have you considered offering your clients a periodic enewsletter but did not know where to start.  You cannot use a regular email account to send to long distribution lists. That is were you want to use an enewsletter application. You can easily manage long lists of email addresses and design professional looking enewsletters. You can invite clients to sign up for your newsletter and even let them unsubscribe. I have extensive experience with MailChimp. The service is free for up to 2000 subscribers and up to 12,000 emails a month (6 emails sent to each of you 2000 clients per month).