Anyone who does online shopping is familiar with the concept of the "shopping cart." It is possible to have catalog-only site where stuff you sell can be displayed without the ability to make a purchase. More commonly, these sites allow direct online credit card purchases. There are many ways to make an online shopping site and many conciderations. There are websites that host many sellers under one umbrella site such as and This type of site will streamline many things, but you will pay for the convienence with fees and possibly monthly costs.

There are hosted cart services such as Shopify and 3dcart where you have the identity of a standalone cart but the services of a hosted solution.

I have found 3dcart to be an excellent hosted-cart. The monthly fees depend on the number of products you offer. It can handle dropshipping. That means your store can sell products that are shipped directly from the distributor and you can represent multiple distributors. Most "free" open-source shopping carts only let you calculate shipping from one location (ie your stores warehouse). Doba is a company that provides wholesale items to sell in carts such as 3dcart. You send the order to the supplier and they handle shipping the item to the customer.



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