Sandra in front of display board at Berkmar HS Career Day

I am someone who truly has had a "Career Journey". I often take time to participate in Career Day at the middle and high schools in my area. I enjoy talking to these students about career paths. Even though there is much easier access to information than when I was young, students aren't thinking proactively about their futures.  There is a big difference in liking a school subject area and connecting with careers that fit their interests. Because of rapidly changing technology, often the careers these kids end up in may not currently exist. 

I recently had a table at a Career Fair at Berkmar HS. My son who is a college student studying Digital Media was assisting me. Our table was beside the UPS booth. My son was quite surprised that UPS uses customized games in their training environment. In fact UPS needs all kinds of IT support to get those packages properly and efficiently delivered. I couldn't have just told him that and had him hear me. Because he happened to have an opportunity to talk to the Industrial Engineer running the booth, he now understands his college major will have a wider job market than just the gaming industry.



Link to Raspberry Pi website

Logo for Raspberry PiInSite To Web is a business partner at Lilburn Middle School. Last night ISW participated in the school's STEM night. ISW showed how the very inexpensive ($60) Raspberry Pi kit computer can be used as a computer technology learning tool. This device comes with an office-type suite, browser and various computer language development environments. There is lots of information on techology projects online, especially at raspberrypi.org . This would be a great device for fun summer projects or home learning.

Sandra Waldrop

Blog iconI often suggest having a blog on a business website. Why? First, since the blog is a part of your website, it will be indexed by search engines. Blogging can help demonstrate expertise in a field and improve your websites ranking. I like to make a blog post on my company website and post a link to that post on my company and person social media sites such as Facebook and Linkedin. This helps drive traffic to my business website which improves its search ranking.

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